Sunday, September 5, 2010

CSA: For the Win!

I'm going to be a canning fiend tomorrow! I'm making salsa and basil garlic pasta sauce. We got 10 pounds of tomatoes included with our CSA share, so we went to the farm this afternoon and picked them. We also had 4 pounds of tomatoes in our share from Saturday, plus the ones we've gotten in the last couple weeks' shares (I blanched and froze them). There is a ridiculous amount of tomatoes on our counter! I had to buy most of the peppers at the grocery store, but I'll be using a few pepperoncinis, a few serranos, and one jalapeno from our deck plants. For the pasta sauce, I didn't have enough basil, so we had to buy some, but about a third of it is from our deck. This will be my first solo canning experience, so wish me luck!

Love Always,