Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi! Just a short post... We're in the process of moving right now to our new home. We'll finish the move this weekend when my parents come down with the truck, so we can move the big things that my CR-V can't handle. Cross your fingers we can move in between the scattered showers on Friday.
Jinx is wiped after a day of spazzing out. He has so much room to run around now that two-thirds of the apartment is moved to the new place. And yes, his mouth is open.
Get a free shelf for the craft room, and the cat claims it as his new perch. Typical.

Love Always,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Love

I'm absolutely in love with our new apartment. We picked up the keys on Friday, I packed up a bunch of stuff Friday night, and we've been moving stuff over ever since. Jinx even got to take a trip over there today. I think he was starting to get used to the new place, but the transfers were tramautic events...oh, the howling. He's now curled up in my lap.

Speaking of Jinx, he is a murderer. I let him out on the upstairs deck to prowl around. He's been just obsessed with the birds. So, I'm downstairs making dinner, and I hear a big thud. Thinking that he fell or something, I run up there to discover that he had himself up on the ledge with a smashed bird egg next to him. The mama bird is giving him the death stare. I don't know how he did it. The bird's nest was quite a leap from the ledge. Our kitty is a murderer of the unborn.

I love the flowers blooming, but I'm really hating this allergy crap. Hopefully these drugs will start working in a couple days like the pharmacist said. This sinus headache sucks. Come on antihistamines!

I'll post pictures of the new place once we get some stuff put away!

Love Always,